Former top jump jockey Adam Trinder finds success in Tasmania

Aug 18, 2018

After establishing himself as one of the best jumps jockeys in Australia, Devonport-born and raised Adam Trinder had no hesitation in returning home when it came time for a career change.

Although he had spent 10 successful years in Melbourne and won nearly every major jumps race in the country, Trinder knew Tasmania was the place to start the next chapter of his life.

“I thought I had achieved everything I wanted to do as a jockey,” he said.

“I’d won every major jumps race in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, except the Grand Annual (at Warrnambool) and I’d ridden in New Zealand, America, Ireland and Japan.

“I wanted a new challenge.

“I had the option of staying in Victoria to train for a prominent owner.

“But I thought I would just get absorbed into the system and be a little fish in a really big pond.

“Whatever I do I want to be successful at so, with my contacts and history, I thought my best placement would be in Tasmania.”

However, despite being a member of Tasmania’s most famous racing family – grandfather Ray owned Melbourne Cup winner Piping Lane and father Michael won nearly every major jumps race as a trainer – it wasn’t racing itself that sealed the deal for Trinder.

“It was family and lifestyle,” he said.

“I had a young family. My son Samuel was two and I didn’t want him schooled in Victoria – I wanted him brought up in Tasmania.

“So he was the primary reason we came home.

“Eight years later, I still think it was the right move.”

Trinder and partner Leah Goodrick have since combined raising Samuel with running a successful training business that has continued to grow.

”We had our best season in 2015-16 when we had 58 winners but the following season was disastrous after I got injured,” Trinder said.

“With 40 winners last season we picked it back up to a level that is sustainable.

“But we need to build on that now.”

Trinder has the backing of major stable client Wayne Roser whose horses include Mystic Journey, the best two-year-old in Tasmania last season.

He also trains for numerous other high-profile owners including lawyer Greg Richardson and Federal Court judge Terry McGuire who, like the trainer, are both products of Devonport.

Trinder targets races in Victoria with horses that he thinks are good enough but, as for returning there to live, it’s not on the agenda.

“I would probably entertain the thought of going overseas at some point if the opportunity presented,” he said.

“But, if I’m training in Australia, it will be in Tasmania.”

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